Oct. 1st, 2013

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I was scheduled to be off today and tomorrow. I have tons of PTB (vacation and sick time combined) and quite a bit of comp time built up after working so many nights and weekends in September. So I scheduled some time off once the end of fiscal year surge in work had passed. The surge was made even more busy this year because of the loss of one contract, and another was going to have its budget cut in the new fiscal year.

Then the shutdown happened. While I was out today, everyone in the office was sent home around 1:45. They were told they were all furloughed, and they can't charge PTB or comp time either, so it's leave without pay.

I was unaware of this until about 7:30 this evening when one of the project directors called me to tell me that one aspect of her contract had not been shut down, so my staff could continue to work on those tasks. I called them all and told them to work from home, which they were grateful to hear.

Now, I was scheduled to be off tomorrow, but if I take off tomorrow, it will be leave without pay, even though I have comp time and PTB "out the wazoo" so to speak. Given that John's last day at the company was Monday, I'm wondering if I need to go ahead and work tomorrow, just to keep my paycheck from being short.

This really sucks.


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